Romeo and Juliet.  Peanut Butter and jelly. Batman and Robin.  Books and Music?

Yes!  In my mind, books and music just click.  I am currently reading The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater, and I just keep hearing song after song that reminds me of something that is happening in the book or a character in the book.  So here are my 11 songs to listen to while reading The Raven Cycle Books. 

Note:  This is my first time reading these books, and I am just starting book four, The Raven King.  I worry that some of my meanings for choosing these songs might change once I get to the end of the series, so keep that in mind.


  1.  Ordinary Human by OneRepublic – This song can be interpreted to fit many different characters throughout the story.  I especially think of Adam, Gansey, and Ronan.  Neither of these boys are normal, yet they strive to be normal and accepted by the others on a daily basis.
  2. Ghost by Ella Henderson – I instantly thought of Noah when I first heard this song because he is the ‘ghost’ of the group, however, it now reminds me more of Ronan.  “I had to go through hell to prove I’m not insane,” definitely fit who Ronan was in book 2, and the ghost and demons of that haunt him on a daily basis.
  3. The Kind and All of His Men by Wolf Gang – Gansey, Gansey, Gansey.  This song mentions the King, cards, and not getting your way in the end.  If the predictions about Blue are true, someone is not going to get their way in the end.  LOVE this song!
  4. Some Kind of Joke by AWOLNATION – These books definitely leave “nowhere to run when hiding from the truth.”  The whole thing has to be some kind of joke.  I am having a hard time figuring out how it all is going to tie together in the end.
  5. Renegades by X Ambassadors – All the Aglionby boys are Renegades.  Ronan especially is with his dark personality and secrets.  Gansey is because he doesn’t fit the traditional mold of what an Aglionby boy should be.  Adam struggles because he wants nothing more than to fit in and be that perfect Aglionby boy, but his connection with Cabeswater makes him a bit of a renegade. screen-shot-2017-02-27-at-8-10-18-pm
  6. Molecules by Atlas Genius – “We steel the molecules from the dead.  We liberate inanimate objects.”  Does this not sound like Ronan and his dreams?  Then towards the end of the song, they have been humans, they have been kings, but they are still a part of this great collide.  Things are happening that are out of their control.
  7. Outcast by Mainland – I just love this song and I think all the characters are outcasts in some way.
  8. Human by Of Monsters and Men – The sound of this song just seems to fit the constant battle of finding Glendower.  They are caged in this fight to find the king, and that search changes each of them in some way.
  9. Monster by Imagine Dragons – I am having a hard time figuring out who the Monster is.  Ronan had that vibe in book 2 and Adam in book 3.  Each character is hiding secrets of who they really are.
  10. Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Lorde – Such a haunting version of this song that really fits with this dark search for history and self discovery.  This song just fits the vibe of the book.
  11. A to B by Matt Hires – Ley Lines and Mallory.  An Irish sounding song that could easily fit Mallory and his casual search of the Ley Lines.

What do you think?  Do songs remind you of the books you are reading?  screen-shot-2017-02-27-at-8-04-33-pm