I had really high hopes for Caribbean food because it is generally a food that I like, but our Caribbean meal tonight was just okay.  img_2425

Here’s what we had:

So let me tell you what I did and didn’t like about these recipes.

The Ultimate Jerk Chicken was amazing!!  My favorite part of the meal.  There were so many different ingredients that were blended into the marinade and the smell was so enticing that I just knew this one was going to be good.  I left out the Scotch Bonnet Pepper because I was afraid it would be too hot for the girls, but it was still really good.

The island okra was also very good.  We eat okra all the time, and it’s one of our favorite veggies.  This recipe added a very strong lime flavor to the okra which was surprisingly good.


I could not keep Mackenzie out of the Caribbean Fry Bakes.  They were so good.  Just imagine a very thick and dense pancake.  This yeast break was so good, it was hard to stop eating them.  They were a little crispy on the outside from frying, but the inside was as light and fluffy as a pillow.


The Tostones (Fried Plantains) and Mojo sauce was my least favorite part of the meal.  As I have been researching food from many different countries, I have learned that fried plantains are popular foods in many different countries: the Caribbean, Central America, South America, Pacific Island, Indonesia, and Africa.  Because of this, I had high hopes for plantains, and I was greatly disappointed.  I expected a sweet banana flavor, but they were just very plain.  Maybe I did not select them at the appropriate ripeness, but none of us were too taken by these banana imposters.  The mojo sauce, which is traditionally served with plantains was just too garlicky for me, but it wasn’t terrible.


The final part of our meal, at least for Jeremy and I, was the Caribbean Rum Punch.  YUMMY!  Just a good tropical drink that I will definitely be making again.  It is one of those drinks where the flavor changes as you take a drink.  At first you taste the orange juice, then the pineapple, then the coconut.  Very layered flavoring.

Overall, the meal was good.  I wasn’t happy about all the fried stuff: fry cakes and plantains.  It was just too much frying, which is not my favorite way to cook.  I did enjoy the meal and we all stepped out of our comfort zone with the plantains and mojo.  I also found three new recipes to add to my collection: the jerk chicken, fry cakes, and the punch.  I also enjoyed the lime flavored spin on the okra.

Unfortunately we have been so busy lately that we didn’t take a whole lot of time to learn more about the countries that we were cooking from, but we did learn a few things from trying the different foods.

Up next is Central America…..check back soon!