Canada was a success!!

Well, to be honest, our Canadian inspired meal wasn’t too much of a stretch for us.  It was very similar to our everyday foods.  This is exactly how I wanted to start this little project because I know my kids, and I know that if I had started with a very unusual meal, then they wouldn’t try it and the rest of the project would go down the drain. So yes, Canada was an easy success.  

When you search foods in Canada, Poutine is a recipe that most definitely comes up, however, this was one of those that was a little too far outside our comfort zone, and I was afraid to start with this.  Something about cheese curds just doesn’t sound appetizing, but I do plan to go back and try this after we have completed this project and slowly stretched our tastebuds.  The next most common Canadian food that comes up in searches is maple syrup.  This I could do!  So our meal had a maple syrup theme to it.  I tried four brand new recipes that I had never cooked before, and all four will be added to our favorite meals list!!  Our meal last night consisted of the following:

  • Canadian Dijon and Maple Grilled Chicken
  • Butter Roasted Tomatoes
  • Three Continent Blend of Wild Rice
  • Grandpa’s Maple Dumplings


All four recipes came from the Global Table Adventure website.  Please check out this website for the recipes.  She does an amazing job at giving you step by step instructions with very good images of each step.

Recipe Rundown

The Dijon and Maple chicken was delicious!  It had a very nice sweet taste to it that really made me wish that I had marinaded the meat overnight as the recipe suggested.  I only marinaded for two hours, but it was still pretty darn good.  I can’t wait to try this recipe again.

The tomatoes were by far the highlight of the meal.  I love tomatoes, but I prefer to eat them straight off the vine as opposed to cooking them, but I will definitely cook them like this more often.  The combination of the butter and thyme with the very sweet, fresh tomatoes was delectable.

The Global Table Adventure used Canadian Lake Wild Rice in her meal, but after standing in the rice aisle at the grocery store for a good 20 minutes looking at every single kind of rice trying to find this certain one, I concluded that they just didn’t carry it at my local HEB.   So I chose something that I have never cooked before, and just went with it.  The Three Continent Blend of rice was good, but it was very plain.  I put a lot of salt and pepper in it, but it just didn’t have a whole lot of flavor.  If anyone has any good ideas for how to season quinoa or brown rice, I would love to know!  My family likes it, but they all said it was too plain.


The final piece of our meal was the Maple dumplings.  I messed this one up because I didn’t buy enough maple syrup, so I was a cup short when I started the dumplings.  It worked; it just wasn’t pretty, and I wasn’t able to make as many.  But man-oh-man were they good!!  I think they would have been too sweet by themselves, but with the vanilla ice cream, they were delicious.  My picture of them shows how sticky and messy they were, but The Global Table Adventure has proper photos if you want to drool over this tasty dessert.


What My Family Thinks

Jeremy had seconds and I am talking a second full plate of everything!  He loved it, and commented on the tomatoes several times.  Mackenzie didn’t have seconds, but she ate everything on her plate and said it was really good.  And if you know Mackenzie, you know that getting any kind of reaction out of her is hard to do, and she was full of compliments on this meal.  Hailey, who helped me cook the meal the most, wasn’t as impressed.  She loved the chicken, but said that she didn’t like the tomatoes, and didn’t like that I put too much pepper in the rice blend.  In all honesty, I think she would have liked the whole meal, but she was in a bad mood, and because Mackenzie said she liked it, Hailey felt that she needed to be different.  I’ll try this meal again, and I almost guarantee that she will have a different reaction.  This is a normal thing around here.

We all loved the dessert, of course!

What we learned about Canada

Throughout the day, as we were shopping and cooking, I tried to do a little research and bring up interesting facts about Canada so that we could all learn something about this country.  We learned that Canada produces 70-80% of the world’s maple syrup, and in 2012, 18 million dollars worth of the syrup was stolen.  Most of it has not been recovered, but many people have been arrested for the crime.

We learned that Canada first competed in the Olympics in 1900, and they have won a medal in every Olympics since (not counting the one they boycotted in the 1980’s).  Canada has hosted three Olympic games, one summer and two winter.

Canada and the US have the longest international border in the world, and it is not militarized.  And if my family wanted to travel to the nearest border crossing to visit Canada, it would be a 21 hour drive and 1456 miles.  We would basically drive straight north through five different states and cross from North Dakota into Canada at the town of Emerson, which is just south of Winnipeg.  This is definitely a trip I would like to make!

Oh!  One last interesting fact.  There are more lakes in Canada than the rest of the world combined!!

What’s Next

Friday we will be trying Caribbean Food.
Saturday is Central American Cuisine

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