The Selection

I have read many random books lately, just searching for something to hook me, and nothing really has.  Until….The Selection Series by Kiera Cass.  I read the first three books in 3 days, which is pretty good for me with school, my daughter’s birthday, and mother’s day all happening on these three days!

My first thought for this book was, “This is totally Hunger Games meets The Bachelor.”  I have had the first book on my Kindle for awhile now, but I just haven’t read it thinking it would be cheesy.  I also had not read any reviews about it, so I had no clue what it was about.  I am just so glad that I was bored of everything else I was reading, and decided to read this.

This dystopian story is set in the future after World War 4.  The people live in a caste system that is numbered with 1 being royalty and 8 being homeless.  Of course, the royalty have no real clue how the lower class lives until a 17 year old girl, America, turns their world upside down.  The prince has come of age, and following tradition, he must choose a wife from the masses.  Girls from every caste are put into a lottery to be one of only 35 young ladies lucky enough to move to the capital and have a chance to date and get to know the prince…bachelor style.

I loved the main character, America, because even though she had faults, she was such a strong character.  She made mistakes, but she was always true to who she was and what she believed.  There is a love triangle for not only America but also for the prince, so the series kept you guessing until the very end about who would end up with who.
It may be weird, but this book came at a time when I really needed it.  I needed a distraction, and I needed a book to hook me and take me away to another place and time and let me escape for awhile.  This book did just that.  It was a fun read that has left me wanting more.  But as always, I am now stuck.  When I finish reading such a good series, I never can decide whether I should read the novellas and other books that relate to the series, or do I try and find another book to hook me?  What am I in the mood for now?