MatchedImagine a world where all of you decisions have been taken away.  You do not have the freedom to choose what you eat, what you wear, or even who you marry.  This is the premise behind Matched.  Cassia’s whole life has been planned out for her, and now that she is turning 17 another piece of it will be chosen…who she is matched with.  At her matching banquet, she finds out that she has been matched with her best friend Xander.  This is possibly the most unexpected and best news she could have hoped for.  People are never matched with someone they actually know!  However, when Cassia gets home to watch her data card about Xander, something goes wrong.  Xander isn’t the only match she has been given.  Another boy is on her data card as being her match.

I may have a love hate relationship with this book.  It hooked me right from the beginning with the matching ceremony, but there were parts that seemed really slow and seemed to drag on and on.  Then it would pick back up and get really good.  I really enjoyed the story as a whole.  Cassia was a likable character that anyone could relate to.  Her struggle with accepting death as well as the dilemma of her two matches was the thing that pulled me into the story the most.  I wanted to know who she ended up choosing and the effects of that choice.  Even though some parts of the story were slow, I loved how the author tied everything together.  Every character was well developed.  I felt like they were real people.  The details of the story were well thought out, and I loved how she tied in poetry and artifacts from a world forgotten.

Now that I am hooked on the story, I HAVE to read the next two books!

A few quotes that stood out to me:

The books’ backs are broken; their bones, thin and delicate, fall out.  The workers shove the toward the incineration tube; they step on them.  The bones crackle under their boots like leaves.

I love the personification of the books that the author uses in this chapter.  It was an intense chapter for sure.

“Is falling in love with someone’s story the same thing as falling in love with the person himself?”

“This is one of the reasons I need Ky, I realize.  Because when I am with him, I feel.

“And if I needed any more confirmation that the Society knows what they’re doing, that this is the Match for me, the taste of Xander’s kiss would convince me.  It feels right, sweeter than I expected.

We all need someone who makes us feel, who makes us feel alive, and gives us hope that the world can be a better place.  But who is that person for Cassia?  Is it Xander or KY?  Will she have the strength to do what her heart tells her to do?