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Today I am linking up with for Book Beginnings on Friday.  This is my first meme type post, but what a great way to discover new books!


Now that I’ve found the way to fly, which direction should I go into the night?  My wings aren’t white or feathered; they’re green, made of green silk, which shudders in the wind and bends when I move–first in a circle, then in a line, finally in a shape of my own invention.  The black behind me doesn’t worry me; neither do the stars ahead.


Matched by Ally Condie

I love the way this book begins.  I just started reading this for school because I have several groups reading it for their lit circles.  The first paragraph connects to me in a way that I didn’t expect.  Recent changes in my life allow me to feel like I am flying sometimes with the future wide open and full of possibilities.  And the black behind me no longer holds me back.
I am only a few chapters into the book, but I like that it is a book that hooks you right from the beginning.  It’s Cassia’s Matching Day where she will be matched with the boy she will spend the rest of her life with, but something goes wrong.  A glitch in the system, and she doesn’t get the results she expects.  I can’t wait to see how this book ends.