Greene Heist

Realistic fiction is never my favorite genre to read, but I have to say, this book was a surprise.  A very cleverly written book that kept you guessing about just how Jackson was going to pull off the heist of the year.

Who:  The infamous Jackson Greene never thought he would be breaking his own code of conduct.  Rule number 3 – Never pull a con for love or a girl.  But when his former best friend, Gaby, is in danger of losing the race for Student Council President to the biggest jerk in school, Jackson knows he has to find a way to help.

The Gist:  Jackson Greene is not new to cons, heists, and epic pranks, but his last prank, the Mid-Day PDA, caused him to lose his best friend.  Gaby had a secret crush on Jackson, and he on her, but when he ‘had to’ kiss another girl for the prank, Gaby refused to talk to him.  Not only that, he got caught and wound up in more trouble than he was used to.  So he swore off conning for good.  But now that he has learned that Keith is running for Student Council President against Gaby and he is planning to take away funding from clubs and organizations that he doesn’t like, Jackson has to come up with something to save the school and hopefully win back Gaby.  Jackson assembles his team Ocean’s Eleven style and proposes his plan.  The team comes together on election day to pull off the con of the year, but Keith’s father, who has a lot of pull with the school and principal, will do everything he can to ensure that his son wins the election.

Final thoughts:  The book starts off with a huge cast of characters all thrown at you at once.  There were several times at the beginning where I had to look back and be reminded of who a certain character was.  But once I figured it all out and learned more about the characters, the book really started to hook me.  There were even a few laugh out loud parts in the book that had me giggling.  Students will connect with both Jackson and Gaby, and enjoy trying to figure out just what Jackson will do.  I am really curious to see how my students like this book.  It is one of the few realistic fiction book choices that I have.